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Image by Christina Victoria Craft

Medication Management

Medication Management is an essential part of your treatment here at Vivid Minds Mental Care. After your Initial Psychiatric Evaluation, your provider may prescribe you medication and suggest Psychotherapy/Counseling with one of our partnered therapists or a combination of both. When patients are prescribed medication, they are required to schedule follow up medication management appointments. Every medication has a different effect on every individual and can result in a wide array of symptoms.  During the follow up appointment, your provider will assess the effectiveness of the medication that you are taking and make any necessary changes to ensure that you are getting the full benefit of the medication. Medication Management appointments are a time for the patient to express the side effects and symptoms he/she has been having or overall improvement in symptoms. The provider will review alternatives and find the best medication to alleviate your symptoms, while resulting in the least side effects.

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